Pieter Mulier’s third collection celebrates the inherent contradiction at the heart of the Maison Alaïa, a tension between control and release. A refinement discovered in the savage grace of the raw.
All the clothes are built on paradox — at the same time: brut and well-made, imperfect and sophisticated, deconstruct and structuralized. As beauty in its most genuine form. An innately Alaïa iconography is exalted, explored. Stretch-jersey pieces become second skin. Leather is used to craft outerwear directly against the body. Two opposing principles fused in single garments — the rigorous of the tailleur, the freedom of flou — leading fabrics to move freely around the body. Construction and cuts are used to create garments that transforming with the gestures of every woman. Polka-dots are a leitmotif, echoed by embroideries of baroque pearls.
The history of Alaïa spins a thread woven through every garment and accessories. Pieter Mulier recreates a 1991 heel developed for Alaïa by Raymond Massaro, styled as a pair of female legs, and makes it more actual than ever.
All the details are crucial hallmarks of Alaïa: brut materials, sophisticated ornaments, spontaneous elegance, unconventional beauty.
The Winter Spring 23 collection is inspired by the work of the hand and time, fundamental to build timeless creations. The very essence of Alaïa.

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